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Welcome to the most elegant new way of buying and trading Bitcoin that you have ever experienced: BitQT.

It doesn’t matter if you are a user new to the concept of trading cryptocurrency or if you have tons of experience; this is the platform for you. Now that you’ve arrived, it is now possible for you to learn everything you could ever need to know about the world of cryptocurrency, how to use it, how to trade it, and how to buy it. You can also be prepared to learn anything you could need to know about the platform itself.

BitQT team would like to address who they are, what they are, and what they have set out to do. The team have taken the liberty of including a section that focuses on their most frequently asked questions, and they answer them clearly so that the only question you have left is either why you haven’t tried trading cryptocurrency before or if you’re already into trading, why you’ve never tried BitQT.

Bitcoin: The Big Game Changer

Bitcoin first arrived on the scene in January of 2009, right after the housing market crashed, and the world of money has never been the same since. Created by a mysterious group or individual referring to themselves as Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin was designed to be a currency free from the control of any single individual or banking institution.

No one had any idea how huge the idea of cryptocurrency would become as the years passed. With a Bitcoin now being worth more than gold or the United States dollar, it has become so popular and lucrative that some professional athletes have it in their contracts to be partially paid in Bitcoin.

  • As with many popular things, a need steadily emerged for platform that could manage the buying and trading of cryptocurrency.
  • So many trading platforms were put forth onto the market that it almost became necessary for someone to create a platform that would help pick the right cryptocurrency manager for people!
  • No matter how many trading platforms exist, none of them can compete with BitQT trading platform in terms of user-friendliness, ease of access, and general style. When first looked into, cryptocurrency is a strange and complex beat that seems difficult to understand and manage. Before the invention of these trading platforms, someone could spend years studying the patterns of how cryptocurrency values rise and fall and still not be able to definitively predict what would or wouldn’t be a good trade.
  • Thanks to BitQT, so much of that guesswork is eliminated with its unique platform, and all of that trend studying is now no more than a few taps or clicks within the platform. BitQT was developed by two brothers with a lifelong passion for helping others, and that is the exact passion and philosophy they have applied to the platform.
They have created a platform that makes everything from building your account to beginning to trade easier.

You Are Now Armed with Knowledge

Now that you can see how innovative BitQT platform is, why haven’t you already registered? It can’t be that you don’t want to take the opportunity to use with this amazing cryptocurrency trading platform, so it must be that you have questions that need to be answered before you take the leap of faith of opening you own BitQT account.

Jumping into trading cryptocurrency can be intimidating to new and experienced users alike since your trading platform choices can be overwhelming, so BitQT team want you to feel completely comfortable with the idea of using their platform before you register your new account. Good business is all about being transparent and addressing all the questions their potential users might have. This is why they have compiled a list of their most frequently asked questions from potential users and added answers to them below.

BitQT team hope that by reading through some of these questions and answers that you can get the information you’re looking for while also educating yourself about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency trading, and the BitQT platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bitcoin?

If you want to understand Bitcoin, it’s probably best to make sure you know what cryptocurrency is first. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is encrypted to regulate the creation of those digital units of currency. The other benefit of this encrypted currency is the verify the transfer of funds between users.

Cryptocurrency operates outside of the oversight of one central bank or administrator.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. Other types of cryptocurrencies do exist on the market today, but Bitcoin is the most popular and the most lucrative.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet, not just to us. Even though it has existed for over a decade, cryptocurrency can still seem like a mysterious and elusive creature that only the chosen ones can tame. In reality, it breaks down into fairly simple parts that don’t take some kind of chosen one to master.

Even if you don’t understand the concept of cryptocurrency when you first get started, you can still create an account and start trading while you learn more about the specifics of Bitcoin. BitQT is designed to make learning about how it works simple and easy.

First, your account and digital wallet are created. This creates your first Bitcoin address, which is what you’ll give to your friends, family, or other cryptocurrency traders so you can be paid or make payments with Bitcoins.

This concept can be compared to a single-use e-mail address as a Bitcoin address can’t be used more than once, but it is possible to generate more addresses as you continue to buy and trade Bitcoin.

The transactions of your purchases and trade appear on a shared public ledger, which is called a block chain. This allows the Bitcoin wallets to keep a record of the balance available for spending so that it can be confirmed that new transactions are actually owned by the spender.

Any transfer of Bitcoin is a transfer between Bitcoin wallets and is included in the block chain. These wallets keep a private key, referred to in this context as a ‘seed’, which is essentially a signature on any transactions that provides hard evidence that they have come from the actual owner of the wallet.

This private key or ‘seed’, prevents the transaction from being tampered with by someone else once it has been sent out.

Transactions are typically confirmed within 10 to 20 minutes once they have been sent in a process called mining.

Mining confirms pending transactions by adding them to the block chain we mentioned before. Mining makes sure that there is chronological order within the block chain, makes sure that the neutrality of the network is protected, and it lets multiple computers agree on the state of the whole system rather than once centralized computer or administrator.

If transactions are to be confirmed, they need to be in a block that adheres to strict cryptographic requirements that are then verified by the network. These cryptographic requirements prevent blocks that were established earlier from being changed. If previous blocks get changed, this would invalidate all blocks that would follow it, thus disrupting the whole system.

Mining also manifests a sort of competitive lottery that keeps any unauthorized persons from adding new blocks to the chain. Thanks to mining, no one person or organization can control what is included in the block chain or replace any part of the block chain to gain benefit out of turn.

It’s as simple as that. It’s a system run independently from any single banking institution or other organization, and it’s all encrypted to keep everything honest, simple, secure, and trackable.

Who Controls the Bitcoin Network?

In the same way that no one ‘owns’ the technology that e-mail uses, no one ‘owns’ the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is made for, and therefore controlled by, the people that use it.

While there are developers that make changes or fixes to the platform that Bitcoin uses, there’s no way for them to force a change in the protocols since all Bitcoin users are free to choose the platform they use as well as what version of that platform.

Bitcoin only works as a concept if there is agreement among all its users. Because of this, every user and developer have a strong enticement to not waver from this agreement.

How Long Has Bitcoin Been Around?

Bitcoin has been around since its creation in 2008. It came onto the market in 2009. In the last 11 years, it has become the digital titan of the cryptocurrency market that you know it as today.

It has been around long enough that trading platforms have been created to manage it and then for those platforms to become streamlined, effective, and simple to use.

What Are the Advantages of Investing in Bitcoin?

You have the freedom to receive and send Bitcoins from any place in the world at any time of the day or night; it doesn’t even matter if it’s a bank holiday when you want to send Bitcoins. Bitcoin recognizes no borders, no official financial institution, and no bureaucratic red tape. With Bitcoin, you are in full and total control of your invested money.

There are no fees to get Bitcoins, and a lot of wallets allow you to control how big of a fee you have to pay when spending your Bitcoins. Granted, paying higher fees may encourage your transactions to be confirmed faster, but it is still entirely your choice what fees you pay since fees are not related to the amount you want to transfer.

You also get amazing security with Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin transactions are secure, cannot be reversed, and they don’t display personal or sensitive information. Because of these security measures, this protects you from losses from fraud or fraudulent chargebacks.

If you are using Bitcoin, you can expand into purchasing in different markets where credit cards are not available or where there are incredibly high fraud rates. Because of this, you get larger markets, fewer administrative costs, and lower fees.

If you use Bitcoin, you are in total control of all your transactions. It is not possible for people to force unnoticed or unwanted charges like it’s possible to do with other methods of payment. Since Bitcoin payments can be made without the use of personal or sensitive information, this is a good way to prevent identity theft tied to other forms of payment. It is also possible to encrypt and backup your investments.

What Devices Is BitQT Compatible With?

BitQT is compatible with anything you can think of that can access an internet browser. This platform can be accessed with an Apple or Android device, and it can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

BitQT was designed to be used by anyone who wants access to it, so it only makes sense that they have enabled it for use on any possible device a potential user might have.

How Much Does It Cost to Use BitQT?

There is no monthly subscription cost to use BitQT. It's open and available to anyone that wants to use it, so BitQT team won’t even let price be a roadblock to creating an account and getting started with Bitcoin trading.

Why Should I Create an Account with BitQT?

You should create an account with BitQT if you want to experience a lively user interface that calculates which trades to make rapidly. Since you’re already looking into buying and trading Bitcoin, you should create an account with the best trading platform currently available to any user.

How Do I Start Trading with BitQT?

Getting started with BitQT is an incredibly simple process.

All you have to do can be summed up in four simple steps.

First, visit BitQT login page and select the option to create a new account. Enter the required information that is requested of you, especially the best e-mail address for you, and complete your account setup.

After this, you should get a confirmation e-mail from BitQT team asking you to verify your account. Once you verify that your e-mail address is correct, your account is active, and you’re ready to get started!

In order to start your trading journey, you do have to invest a little money to begin with. BitQT makes this simple, and the most you should ever be asked to invest is $250.

Once you have put money into your account, it’s time to start trading!

Four easy steps and you’re good to go!


If you want to get started investing Bitcoin on a secure and easy to use platform, then you should register for your BitQT account today.

With BitQT, you can be prepared for a platform that was designed with helping people in mind. This means that its creators added features to the platform while thinking about first time Bitcoin traders, but also with more experienced traders in mind. Investing in Bitcoin is a journey, and sometimes, on a journey, the road can be full of twists, turns, and uncertainty.

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